Emsculpt Neo for Inner Thighs

There's nothing worse than the feeling of your thighs touching - especially when they start to rub together. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also lead to a rash. And let's be honest, who wants to deal with that? But more than anything, thigh touching is just plain annoying. It's a constant reminder that you don't have the desired thigh gap between your legs. It's a daily reminder of all the times you've tried (and failed) to achieve that gap. So yes, thigh touching is definitely something we could all do without.

It's no secret that our society is obsessed with achieving the perfect body. From dieting and exercise to surgery and cosmetic treatments, people will go to great lengths to try to improve their appearance. But what happens when we start to lose the battle against time and gravity? For many of us, the answer is simple: we give up. We resign ourselves to the fact that our best days are behind us and that we will never again be able to achieve the level of physical perfection that we once took for granted. However, there is now a new hope on the horizon in the form of EMSCULPT NEO. This revolutionary machine can help to tone and sculpt your body, giving you back the confidence that you may have thought was lost forever. So don't give up – with EMSCULPT NEO, you can get your thigh gap back!

Emsculpt Neo is a device that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to induce supramaximal muscle contractions in the targeted area. These contractions are not possible to achieve through voluntary effort, and they result in significant muscle building and fat burning. Originally, Emsculpt Neo was primarily used on the abs and buttocks, but it has since been discovered that it can also be highly effective on the thighs. In a recent study, women who underwent four 30-minute Emsculpt Neo sessions on their inner thighs lost an average of one to one and a half centimeters off each thigh. This novel application of Emsculpt Neo is yielding amazing results, and it is quickly becoming popular among women who want to slim and tone their thighs.

So how does this work? We put the paddle on the inner thighs and during a 30-minute session, you'll get 1000s of contractions stimulating the muscle through hypertrophy and hyperplasia. Hypertrophy is when the existing muscle gets more toned and stronger, and hyperplasia is the stimulation of new muscle cells. This also reduces the fat in that area that's flapping into that space, creating no gap. It takes time depending on your situation - it could take four treatments, six treatments or even 10 treatments. But those who stick with it see real results.

If you're interested in fitness and health, then you should definitely contact Loop Wellness Clinic. We can talk about your fitness goals and what you hope to achieve. You can do more than one body part in the same day - we can set up a custom plan for you. Reach out to us and we'll help you set up a free consultation.

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