Peace of mind is important.   Loop Wellness Clinic is here to help you add more certainty in these uncertain times, whether it's testing confirmation for travel, work, to help protect a health-compromised love one, or simply to boost your immunity before getting vaccinated.

COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Testing  (nasal swab) - $110

Results in 15 minutes

*This is an Immunoassay test, not a PCR (Molecular) test.*



COVID-19 Rapid Molecular RT-LAMP Testing  (nasal swab) - $200 

Results in 13 minutes

*This is a Rapid Molecular test that many airlines require for overseas travel*

Loop COVID Package - $325 

Now Offering the Loop COVID Package for $325.  This package includes 2 Immunity IV Bags and a Rapid Antibody Test to confirm you have the antibodies.  Our Immunity IV bags are most effective 1-2 days prior to each vaccine dose. 

COVID-19 Antibody Testing (finger stick) - $35

Results in 15 minutes

Candidates for Asymptomatic Testing

-Visiting elderly family

-Traveling for work or the holidays

-Upcoming social gathering

-Clearance for  surgery, return to work, or return to school

-Students coming home from college

-Return to sports


Testing is performed in the car, so please call on your arrival to the clinic.